Queen Victoria at Work

NPG P51; Hafiz Abdul Karim; Queen Victoria by Hills & Saunders

Queen Victoria going through her red dispatch boxes, while her secretary Hafiz Abdul Karim stands by.

Taken in 1893 in the gardens at Frogmore House near Windsor Castle, by photography studio Hills & Saunders.

Source: [National Portrait Gallery, London NPG P51]

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13 Responses to Queen Victoria at Work

  1. Clicking a couple of the links and reading just a little, this reminded me also of the film Mrs. Brown about Queen Victoria and her attendant John Brown (played marvelously by comic Billy Connolly). Even the colors in the photograph, it seems to my memory, resemble how they lit and staged that movie.

    Good choice!

  2. milicaaa97 says:

    It’s beautiful! I love history! 🙂

  3. Gypsy Bev says:

    Great picture! There is a lady who portrays Queen Victoria that comes to our Dickens Victorian Village each year. So information on the Queen is always interesting.

  4. mlbradford says:

    Great pic!
    It’s really good to find another historian here, so I thot u might like to take a look at this:
    or this – 1st in a new series:

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