Outdoor Concert Fashion, For the Historically Inclined

Outdoor Concert Fashion, For the Historically Inclined

It’s not quite Coachella, but everyone looks pretty dapper.

Unfortunately, this photo is undated.

Source: [Library of Congress Reproduction no: LC-DIG-ggbain-22420]

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9 Responses to Outdoor Concert Fashion, For the Historically Inclined

  1. Gwenny says:

    John Philip Sousa, maybe? Scott Jolpin?

  2. This made me think instantly of the outdoor summer concerts of the Cleveland Orchestra, which will be starting again soon: the people on the lawn, mind you, merely dress casual and picnic at those concerts, but many who have seats in the pavilion actually do dress up a bit. Alas, though, the fancy headwear we see here in this Library of Congress photo is all a thing of the past.

    • And I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing! If I had to dress up like that every time I went out, I think I’d stay at home a lot. On the other hand, it’s kind of neat to see everyone looking fancy. It reminded me of this video I saw a few months ago of people in the NYC subway in 1905: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjKL8_er34s

      • I remember that video! Didn’t you post that a few months ago too?

        I’m happy to dress up, but I take it down a notch at the summer concerts. Really, it’s just too hot to have a jacket on—although some of the gentlemen still do. So I skip the coat and tie but don’t quite downgrade to Metallica t-shirt and torn jeans. If I were one of the picnickers on the lawn, though, of course it’d be more casual, and that’s where most of the summer concertgoers are. It’s a wonderful thing we have here with the Orchestra in the summer, and a lot of families go to those concerts.

      • I’m so jealous! It sounds like such a fun summer activity. Is it popular music that is played most of the time or classical?

      • They mix it up quite nicely, and they take advantage of the outdoors by putting on fireworks too. I’ve seen a jazz band accompany the Orchestra, they had a ballet troupe a year or two ago. Sometimes they put up a screen and provide images or animation. Once they played along to scenes of an Eisenstein film. Just glancing at the names of some of the concerts for this summer—“A Beatles Tribute,” “Broadway Standing Ovations,” “Sci-Fi Spectacular,” “Hollywood under the Stars,” and “Family FunFest”—says something. And they also show off the student orchestra from one of the local music schools. Plus a good selection from the classical repertoire.

        It’s one of the best things we’ve got going here in northeast Ohio, the Cleveland Orchestra, and those concerts are great for families. I see hundreds on the lawn every time. They’re inexpensive, children get in free, the grounds are beautiful. I’d be jealous too! 🙂

  3. P.S.: just now I saw this tweet and thought of this post. A photo of typical lawn concert-goers at our outdoor concerts: https://twitter.com/CleveOrchestra/status/479342147301572608/photo/1.

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