January living, circa 1540

A Calendar from 1540

From a Book of Hours made in Bruges in 1540: a calendar containing a full-page illumination for each month.  This is the illustration which accompanied the calendar page for January.

Here’s a description from the British Museum’s Medieval manuscripts blog:

“In the foreground of the opening January scene [is a man splitting wood for a fire, assisted by a woman close by.  Behind them a man and his wife, who is nursing an infant, can be seen in their home, warming themselves by the fire.  In the snowy background is a church, with bundled-up parishioners exiting.  The bas-de-page scene shows a group of men pulling (with great effort it seems) another man on a sledge.”

Source: [British Museum Medieval manuscripts blog] and [British Museum Add MS 24098]

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3 Responses to January living, circa 1540

  1. I love illuminated manuscripts. I find them to be the most beautiful forms of illustrations that exist. Their colours, borders and visual stories are astounding.

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