A Child’s Doll From Almost 2000 Years Ago


Another example that no matter the time period, people are people.  Dated to between the 1st to 5th century CE, this doll belonged to a child in Roman Egypt. It’s made out of linen strips and stuffed with rags and papyrus. It even has blue glass beads for a hair decoration and coloured wool to define the facial features, although most are missing now.

Reminds me a lot of this toy from a previous post: An Ancient Roman Child’s Toy.

Source [British Museum GR 1905.10-21.13]

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8 Responses to A Child’s Doll From Almost 2000 Years Ago

  1. Poignant – beloved toy made for a beloved child so long ago.

  2. This tops the pops in the “relatability” category. And I especially like the way womanseyeview describes it.

  3. Gypsy Bev says:

    Isn’t it amazing that rag dolls have stood the test of time. Raggedy Ann and Andy are still seen today.

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