First Day of School, 1921

First Day of School, 1921

Because it’s that time of year again, here’s a photo of a young boy on his first day of school on October 6, 1921.

Part of a series by photographer Lewis Wickes Hine, the photos depict housing and school conditions in the rural communities of Pocahontas County, West Virginia.  Here’s another from the same series: Great smile!

Source: [Library of Congress LOT 7482]

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4 Responses to First Day of School, 1921

  1. Very sweet. Make’s me think of the series of books and television show with Kelli Martin, Christy. That was Appalachian Tennesse but I think similar.

  2. Beautiful photo. Yet another in the inevitable reminders of how, among other things, clothing styles and formality are ephemeral.

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