History Has Cool Jewelry, Part III

History Has Cool Jewelry, Part III

In the words of George Takei: “Oh my!”

A gold ring from the Greco-Etruscan culture, c.7th-6th century BCE Italy, depicting sexual intercourse between a satyr and a nymph.

Source: [British Museum – Finger Ring 214]

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3 Responses to History Has Cool Jewelry, Part III

  1. kerbey says:

    You just broke my eyes. I google imaged “satyr and nymph” and suffice to say this ring is the TAMEST of the depictions. I just wanted to know what they made! Like a mule or something. Now I am violated.

    • Oh no!! Suffice it to say the ancients were just as inclined towards sex as we are today. If the Etruscans, Greeks, and Romans had an internet, it would be filled with porn too. It’s just that most museums don’t feel comfortable putting these artefacts on display so they end up in storage.

      I remember my first reaction when walking through the ‘secret’ room in the Naples archaeological museum – it’s a special section of the museum where they keep all the stuff from Pompeii that they found that depicted sex. I find it hilarious to think of poor Victorian archaeologists digging up this city, expecting to find artefacts that were the height of Western culture, only to realize that humans everywhere think about sex. See the link below: obviously NSFW.


      • kerbey says:

        I had never heard of any of that! And they bricked the door, to boot! What they won’t do to cover up the powerful, base desires of the human flesh.

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