History Has Cool Jewelry, Part II

bagues - Musée du Louvre

An ancient Egyptian ring with two horses prancing through inlaid flower stones (now mostly missing), from the reign of Ramses II (r.1279-1213 BCE).  The horses are a tiny 7.7 mm high and the ring was made from gold with cloisonné inlays of carnelian flowers, with two large gold lotus flowers in metalwork on each side.

Look at the detail!  To put it in comparison, the horses are about the size of the tip of your pinkie finger.  I love the ancient Egyptians!

Source: [Original artefact: Louvre – Ring With Horses] and [Photo: Djibnet – bague égyptienne]

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4 Responses to History Has Cool Jewelry, Part II

  1. kerbey says:

    One would have to set this ring on the nightstand prior to amorous moments, as it could slice some skin up. You also sound very schmancy saying, “cloisonné inlays of carnelian flowers.” That’s two things for me to Google.

    • I can just imagine the wearer punching someone in the face with this, leaving an impression of two horses, haha.

      And thanks for noticing the schmancy! I also learned another word today (symplegma: which is the fancy/Latin/snooty way people describe historical erotica – see my last post), but I have a limit of one fancy schmancy word per week. 🙂

      • kerbey says:

        Let me sound that out: Sym-pleg-ma. At what point does it become “historical”? The 1970s “Joy of Sex” seems historical to me LOL, but maybe historical means “everyone who had sex then is now dead.” ??

      • Ha! Good definition! Why do I get the feeling that thousands of years from now people will be using ‘symplegma’ to describe what they find on our internet!

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