Playing on the Beach, 1889

Playing on the Beach, 1889

A man, woman, and child play on the beach in 1889.

This photo was printed on a stereographic card – basically two copies of the photo side-by-side – and was meant for use in a stereoscopic viewer. Popular in the 19th century, the viewer created the illusion of a 3D image and worked exactly like a Viewmaster toy does today.

It’s neat to think what this image would look like when viewed the way it was meant to be, in 3D!

Source: [Library of Congress LC-USZ62-97459]

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2 Responses to Playing on the Beach, 1889

  1. Jenny Cecilia says:

    wow! where is it taken?

    • I wish I was able to find out!! The most info I could find from the database was that it was taken in the US as part of a series of ‘stereoscopic prints’ on the topic of American beaches!

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