Ancient Greek Statue Eyes Are Definitely Creepy

Ancient Greek Statue Eyes

Here are a pair of ‘eyes’ from ancient Greece (c. 5th century BC) now housed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.  From the catalogue:

“Greek and Roman statues were designed to give a colorful lifelike impression. Marble and wood sculptures were brightly painted, and bronze statues were originally a pale fleshlike brown. Lips and nipples were often inlaid with copper, and teeth with silver. Eyes were usually made separately and set into prepared sockets. This pair, designed for an over-lifesize statue, gives a sense of the potent immediacy that ancient sculpture could convey.”

For a classical statue with the eyes still intact, see:  Fun Fact of the Day: Ancient Roman Statues Originally Came With Eyes

For a recreation of what classical statues looked like all painted up, see:  Gods In Color: Painted Sculpture Of Classical Antiquity

Source: [Metropolitan Museum Highlights]

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2 Responses to Ancient Greek Statue Eyes Are Definitely Creepy

  1. Grant says:

    Ha ha, ya…those eyes are creeeeepy!!

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