Another Cute Teenage Fan Letter, This Time About Elvis

Fans Linda Kelly, Sherry Bane, and Mickie Mattson were not happy that Elvis would be in the U.S. army and wrote about their feelings to president Eisenhower in 1958.

Here’s what they wrote, including the original mistakes:

“Dear President Eisenhower,

My girlfriend’s and I are writing all the way from Montana.  We think its bad enough to send Elvis Presley in the Army, but if you cut his side burns off we will just die!  You don’t no how we fell about him, I really don’t see why you have to send him in the Army at all, but we beg you please please don’t give him a G.I. hair cut, oh please please don’t!  If you do we will just about die!

Is our cry

Elvis Presley Lovers,

Linda Kelly
Sherry Bane
Mickie Mattson”

See also the post: This is no laughing matter to me, or any other fan of the Beatles

Source: [National Archives: Prologue Magazine]

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8 Responses to Another Cute Teenage Fan Letter, This Time About Elvis

  1. Lasseter says:

    Another winner. And little did those girls realize that joining the Army and losing his sideburns would be the least of the challenges to face the King:

    • Thanks for this memory – I giggled like a nerd most of the way through this movie when I saw it in the theatre a decade ago!! Hilarious concept! 🙂

      • Lasseter says:

        I loved it so much when I saw it, I bought the t-shirts. One of them says, “Ask not what your nursing home can do for you.” I’m glad you didn’t mind my little video excursion on your post. Or, as I should say with a bow and a bit of a Southern drawl, “Thank you very much.” 😉

      • There were t-shirts?! Oh, this is good news to know!! 🙂 And I didn’t mind at all! It really did make my day – that movie was awesome!

  2. Sooooo adorbs!!!! That’s how I would feel if my husband shaved off his mustache. I would just die!

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