The Owl of Athens is Kinda Creeping Me Out

The Owls of Athens are Kinda Creeping Me Out

This is a silver tetradrachm from the city of ancient Athens, c.480 BC. The original is in the British Museum.  The owl is the symbol of the patron goddess of the city of Athens – Athena – and the bird appears on a lot of the coins from the time period.

And the owls are ALL depicted with the same wide, round eyes.  Kind of looks like it’s judging you, no?  You can see more examples of coins here: Google Images ‘Owls of Athens Coins.

Quoting from Wikipedia, Athena was the goddess of: “wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, just warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill”.  No biggie.  Just those few things.

Source: photo and coin info [British Museum highlights page], Athena quote [Wikipedia ‘Athena’]

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2 Responses to The Owl of Athens is Kinda Creeping Me Out

  1. Lasseter says:

    I think that owl was just upset because the Athenian government was thinking about denying the Beatles a visa to come in and perform at the Parthenon.

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