Dating in the 16th Century Looked…Awkward.

Dating in the 16th Century Looked...Awkward.

An illustration from a calendar page illustrating the month of April: “a courting scene”.  The description of the image from the British Library blog reads:

The calendar for April opens with a typical scene for spring; an aristocratic couple are shown courting in a walled and flowering garden.  The richly-dressed lady’s dog is nearby, lapping water from the garden’s fountain.  Behind the couple, a nobleman is preparing to go hawking, another commonly-depicted pursuit for this time of year.  The theme of fertility and new life is echoed at the top of the miniature, where a pair of storks can be seen building their nest on the top of a chimney.

The image is from the ‘Golf Book’ manuscript (The Book of Hours, Use of Rome, MS 24098, f. 21v), made in the workshop of Simon Bening in the Netherlands (Bruges) for a rich Swiss patron c. 1540.  The rest of the manuscript is digitized here if you’re interested: British Library MS 24098

Source: [British Library Medieval manuscripts blog]

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4 Responses to Dating in the 16th Century Looked…Awkward.

  1. Trapper Gale says:

    Has dating ever not been… awkward? Dang, maybe it’s just me.

  2. Gypsy Bev says:

    Enjoyed seeing the courting scene. People are always watching us no matter what we do. Those storks look very large! I thought for a minute there was a UFO in the sky since it was too early for airplanes!

    • I had that exact same reaction the first time I saw real storks! We don’t really have birds that large here in Canada, so when I was travelling through Spain it was a HUGE shock to see such large nests and birds on every post,roof, and chimney. To me it looked like two pterodactyls were inhabiting every street lamp in the country. 🙂

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