Then and Now: Versailles


Here’s the Galerie des Batailles (or the Gallery of Battles) from Versailles, as seen in the painting by Francois-Joseph Heim in 1837.  The painting shows the opening of the gallery   by French king Louis-Philippe I.  The gallery contains paintings depicting famous French battles and military victories.

And here’s the same room captured by Fotopedia user Thibault Chappe, uploaded in 2011.


The hallway in my home just doesn’t seem as cool anymore.  Time in invest in floor-to-ceiling art and paint my ceilings in gold!

To see some more photos of the palace of Versailles check out the slideshow here: Fotopedia gallery Palace of Versailles.  The photos are gorgeous and do a great job of showing how rich the French monarchy was when they created the palace!

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6 Responses to Then and Now: Versailles

  1. itwasjudith says:

    it looks pretty much the same (very well preserved) except for the light – the hall appears much darker in the painting 🙂 thanks!

  2. It’s always amazing to think that people almost 200 years ago could experience the room the same way we do today when visiting this museum!

  3. TravelJackie says:

    You should see what they did to it in summer of 2012. I believe I have the pic on my blog. Think giant pink octopus. Not even kidding.

  4. TravelJackie says:

    Correction gold octopus. Pink was the hot pink helicopter in one of the rooms.

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