A Reminder That Tourism is Nothing New, Part 3


The Hagia Sophia, c.1910-1915


My photo, June 2009 – from a slightly more centered viewpoint.

Here are some historical photos from the Library of Congress database of the historical city centre of Istanbul, juxtaposed with my own shots of the same sites from my visit in June 2009.

And here I thought I was original, when really I was just doing what people have being doing for thousands of years…travelling the sites of the world.  Neat to think that people experienced the same trip I did, 100 years before me!

Click on the old photos for their source and more information.


The interior of the Hagia Sophia, showing the Sultan’s Imperial Gallery in the very back (from when the Hagia Sophia was the Ayasofya Camii mosque), c.1860-1890


My photo of the same two signs and the Imperial Gallery, taken from the second floor instead of the first, June 2009


The serpent column in the hippodrome, Istanbul, c.1900-1920.
(Love the shadow in the right-hand corner of the turn-of-the-century tourist!)


My photo of the same column, June 2009


The base of the Egyptian obelisk in the hippodrome across from the Hagia Sophia depicting the Roman emperor Theodosius, Istanbul, c.1900-1920.


My photo of the same obelisk base, June 2009

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