An Armenian Cradle, c.1915-1923

An Armenian Cradle, c.1915-1923

This photo was taken by Frank G. Carpenter and published in a volume of his famous geography/travel books Carpenter’s World Travels. The books showcased the different cultures and traditions of the world, kind of like the magazine National Geographic does today.

This one was taken in Armenia and was meant to highlight the different methods of child-rearing that existed worldwide at the beginning of the 20th century. It was published with the caption:

“Cradles have no sides, a wide cloth band drawn tight keeping the baby from falling out.”

Source [Library of Congress]

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6 Responses to An Armenian Cradle, c.1915-1923

  1. PeopleOfAr says:

    beautiful, thank you!

  2. PeopleOfAr says:

    yes it holds many different feelings. Still kinda funny lol.

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