A Photo From the Crimean War, Part II

A Photo From the Crimean War, Part II

This collection of photos is so awesome. 1855 isn’t a time that I readily associate with lots of photography (the technology was still so new!) and the Crimean War definitely isn’t one I’d associate with war photography!

Here’s another photo from the Roger Fenton collection, this one showing a British light artillery division. The caption reads:

“Mortar batteries in front of Picquet house Light Division. Photo shows five men and three mortars at a mortar battery with bomb-proof shelter.”


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2 Responses to A Photo From the Crimean War, Part II

  1. That’s a really fabulous photo. I’ve never seen photos from The Crimean War before, except for static poses by soldiers before or afterwards. Not from a battlefield though.

  2. Thanks! I find the artillery is also so ancient looking. This looks like is could be used to storm a medieval castle. It really helps show how the first World War would have been such a shock to troops when they were used to fighting like this for hundreds of years!

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