A Photo For the Montreal Snowstorm

A Photo For the Montreal Snowstorm

Since it’s the first day of spring and Montreal is digging out from yesterday’s snowstorm, this photo seemed apt.  The caption reads:

“A. W. Speir and wife in sleigh, Phillip’s Square, 1907”

I think I’d be able to handle the snow better if I could ride around in a horse-drawn sled. Who agrees? 🙂

Fun fact: This photo is taken near the same corner as this one that I posted a few days ago:  ‘Montreal, 1916: Can you guess the street corner?‘  The photographer is just facing in the opposite direction (southeast, instead of west).

Source: [Notman Archives, McCord Museum, found on HistoryPin]

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2 Responses to A Photo For the Montreal Snowstorm

  1. moore314 says:

    Ha! I just posted, er griped, about the snow “dung” we got in NY last night! Happy Spring 🙂

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