A Reminder That Tourism Is Nothing New, Part Two

A Reminder That Tourism Has Existed For As Long As Humans Have

From the ‘History of the Smithsonian’ Archives: A Washington, D.C. site-seeing bus from 1906. The accompanying caption reads:

In 1906, visitors enjoyed touring the nation’s capitol in this sightseeing bus, which was manned by guides with megaphones.

Another fun tourism fact: The ancient Romans (well, the rich ones anyways) used to go on vacations too. One of their favourite spots was to visit the much-warmer Egypt in the winter and tour the sites.

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3 Responses to A Reminder That Tourism Is Nothing New, Part Two

  1. moore314 says:

    Saw the Part One and made me chuckle – I’ll bet I have the same shot! I’ve started to look into vintage travel guides – just reviewed one written early post-WWII and the historical perspective is fantastic.

    • What a great topic to look through old books for! The inspiration for this post was Pierre Berton’s ‘Niagara’, a history of the two cities (N.F., Ontario and N.F., New York) and the Falls themselves. It was neat how long tourists have been making the trip to see the site! And that even residents in the 19th century were complaining about the tons of souvenir stands and motels! Ha!

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