History of Shoppers Drug Mart


So I just watched the new Drake ‘Started from the Bottom’ video (yes, I know, I know…but he’s Canadian, so cram it) and part of it was filmed in an actual Shopper’s Drug Mart in Binbrook, Ontario, which is near Hamilton.

Hey, I worked at Shopper’s Drug Mart (or at Pharmaprix, as it’s known in Quebec)!  But wait, so, I’m sure, has every other Canadian at one point in their life.  Anyways… apparently according to the video, if I had only thrown a party in the toothpaste aisle back when I was working my way through university, I could have moved up to a mansion with lots of money, parties, and women in bathing suits.  Darn.  Chose history instead.  Missed opportunity.

Time to turn lemons into lemon-history.  This made me think about the history of this Canadian institution.  Where did Shopper’s Drug Mart come from?  Here are a few fun facts on the history of Shoppers Drug Mart:

– The founder of Shoppers, Murray Koffler, took over his father’s pharmacy in 1941 at the age of 20.

– 21 years later, in 1962, Koffler created what we know today as Shoppers, by creating a “network of 17 drugstores called Shoppers Drug Mart; each owned by a fellow pharmacist”.  Life brand was created that same year.

– The first Pharmaprix was opened in Quebec in 1972.

– Koffler only retired in 1986.

– The Optimum card was introduced in 2000.

– The 1000th store was opened in 2007.  It is located in Toronto, Ontario.

Sources: [Much Music], [Shoppers Drug Mart] and [Wikipedia]

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