Two American Civil War Sailors Were Buried This Week

Two American Civil War Soldiers Were Buried This Week

The U.S.S. Monitor was an ‘Ironclad‘ from the American Civil War (1861-1865).  Ironclads were steam-propelled iron warships – if you can imagine what would happen if a wooden sailing barge and a submarine made babies, then you can imagine what an ironclad looks like  – which were an improvement over wooden ships that caught fire and broke easily when rammed.  The USS Monitor sank in 1862 with its crew.

The wreck was recovered in 1973 and has been under restoration ever since; it is currently in a museum in Virginia. Just recently, the remains of two sailors were found inside the gun turret.

Their remains were buried this week in Arlington National Cemetery, over 150 years after the war started. Even more interesting, the U.S. Department of Defense tried to identify the two men (one in his 20s, the other in his 30s) by reconstructing the faces of the two men and comparing their DNA to descendants of men from the crew. They were unable to identify the men, but narrowed it down to six possibilities!

sailors-sunken-uss-monitor-buried-arlington-illustration-faces_65052_600x450 faces

Source [NPR] and [National Geographic]

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