The Romans Had Cool Tombs, Two

The Romans Had Cool Tombs, Two

A Roman sarcophagus was covered in art, either from literature/religion/myths or portraying life-like scenes of the deceased’s life. It’s these latter portrayals of everyday life that to me seem the most valuable; it reminds us that the ancient Romans were humans who loved their children and were distraught when they died.

This sarcophagus is for a boy. His dead body is lying on the chaise and his family is surrounding him, mourning. His nurse is lovingly touching his face, while his parents are on either side of him, with their heads bowed. The original is in the Regional Archaeological Museum of Agrigento, Sicily.  I don’t know how to read Italian, but I think their government site says it’s from the 2nd century AD.

These photos aren’t the best at capturing how 3D the artwork is, but here’s what I could find from the internet.  The last photo is my favourite; the way the nurse is looking at the boy is so realistic and heartfelt.

tt_sicily028arcmus_013 7402387320_c122351dbb_z

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