The Romans had Cool Tombs Too

The Romans had Cool Tombs Too

Photo credit: Nadine Korte

Everyone knows that the ancient Egyptians sent off their dead in a grande fashion, with monumental architecture and valuable art. With monuments like the awesome pyramids, it’s kind of easy to forget about the burial customs of other ancient cultures.

The Romans left behind lots of funerary art and just like the ancient Egyptians it’s a great way to learn about their everyday life.

Here’s a funerary relief, c. 10BC to 30 AD.  It’s a 3D portrait of a husband and wife that would have been part of their funerary monument.  The wife was a former slave who was able to achieve the status of freewoman.  There are no photos of ancient Romans, but this is pretty darn close to it! The original is from the British Museum.

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