A 1947 New York City Snowstorm

A 1947 NYC Snowstorm

Since it’s snowing in Montreal tonight, this photo seemed apropos…NYC in 1947 during a snowstorm. Because sometimes it’s nice to see historical photos that aren’t about war, violence, or injustice.  Look, they had snow moguls just like Montreal does!

They’re from a LIFE photo essay; you can find the rest of the photos [here]. Below is another favourite of mine from the bunch. A dad trapped in NYC’s Grand Central Station with two little sleeping kids late at night, trying to get home.  This photo was taken over 65 years ago (those kids are almost 70 today!) but it looks as if it could have been taken yesterday.


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2 Responses to A 1947 New York City Snowstorm

  1. Romeo Martin says:

    Old winter looks are very sartorial. Devoid of social class.

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