History of Tourism

History of Tourism

So…ostrich farms used to be the thing to see in Southern California during the late 1800s and early 1900s?

I guess we have weirder tourist sites today, but it’s still pretty funny to see old photos of people sitting on carts pulled by ostriches.

Source: http://www.kcet.org/updaily/socal_focus/history/la-as-subject/when-socal-caught-ostrich-fever.html

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2 Responses to History of Tourism

  1. Theresa Mango says:

    Not too long ago I went to a farm located in Santa Monica. Bought a dish of grains and fed
    them to the ostriches. Also bought feathers and an egg drained of its contents.
    I remember the ostriches spitting so we had to stay behind the fence and feed them.
    Too bad they are gone. Good instructional tool for kids…..The Bible speaks of the
    ostrich….Ancient Babylon which became a desert was spoken of as the home of he ostrich.
    When did the farm disappear from Santa Monica? Mangotess@yahoo.com

    • Good question! I checked the original source article and it said that the last closed in 1953 and that most of these ostrich tourist farms closed once amusement parks became popular. I guess an ostrich didn’t compete with roller coasters!

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